Living in Norfolk Time

Not so long ago, a set of rickety fighter planes flew in squadrons over the sea. At night, the heavy rain must have struck the wings with a constant drumming, and lightning must have flashed over the sea, but the planes kept on, droning to their destination.   Their destination was a sleepy beach town,… Continue reading Living in Norfolk Time

i will wear your crown

i will wear your crown, too they say that the loveliest angels, those light airy forces with rosy cheeks, quick to love and give and give and give they say that they become the cruelest demons. and you, my darling, were so kind, so beautiful, before they dragged you to hell- your fall from the… Continue reading i will wear your crown

Greg(ory) and (Isa)bel

To have sight isn’t always to see, if that makes any sense. An example: on my way to school, from the windshield of my father’s station wagon, I can use my eyes, these little gooey spheres of cells, to look at an animal, scurrying across the road. I can tell that it’s moving: but what… Continue reading Greg(ory) and (Isa)bel


Before you know what courage really is, you must first know fear, feel the icy whisper of dread scrape its talons down your spine like pages of your childhood books being shredded one by one. Before you learn the power of courage, you must float alone at the edge of the earth, with nothing to… Continue reading Courage