Evergreen: Greenhills School’s Literary Magazine

We are so pleased that you have found your way to this year’s edition of Evergreen. I love paper– the way it feels in my hands, turning pages, the sensual pleasure of taking in text in the pulp. There is also beauty, though, in being able to share information in this digital format- the agility, the flash of creativity in movement, the quick rapture of making a change and seeing it appear.

Last year we moved Evergreen into the digital sphere to better meet the needs of our audience. This year, we have moved to a new format on WordPress, hoping to present some of the excellent work of our artistic community in a way that is easily accessible and modern.

On the site, you will be able to access different genres of work by choosing from the menu slider at the top of the first page. Please note that the category “McDowell Award” is a subset of this year’s McDowell Award winners.

I am so grateful for the help of others in making this happen. This year’s senior editors, Riley Pohlman and Khai Johnson are patient, creative forces for good. This project would not have been possible without the help of Jan Toth-Chernin and Nef Straub. We express our gratitude for the editions, editors, advisers that have come before us. We hope that this year’s poetry, fiction, plays, and visual art inspire you to pay attention to what’s around you, to give a nod to your own past, to be optimistic for what lies ahead. Most of all we hope that reading, seeing and watching these pieces moves you to make your own art.

In gratitude for all kinds of seeds,

Monica Lewis, advisor to The Evergreen