Jack O’ Lantern




The lone pumpkin in the field

Chosen for a job

Carved with fine hands

Given a face

A life

A spirit

The spirit of the one who made it

A face of the same

It smiles a smile of gold

A wonderful golden smile that stays golden

Into the night

Its smile seems to last forever

Until the Jack O’ Lantern realizes

It can’t

Not for much longer



Smile fading away

Rotten on the inside

Its creator taking it


In this moment

It stares asking Why,

Why was I made?

Only for the creator not to know how to answer

Was it for tradition?

Was it for decoration?

Was it for the holiday?

But he just doesn’t know

As he lies Jack in the spot where he was found


In the field

In its final resting spot

Rotting away

He still smiled without an answer.