Cotton Candy Kisses

His face reminds me of that day

With music

And cotton candy

Beautiful recipes of

Joyous laughter and tears

Trees of hope,

skies of pixie dust

Legs of freedom,

Fields of gold

Nostalgia of what could’ve been

Not a monotonous text

A simple kiss

And the bright light of day

She holds up her phone

Not for the purpose

Of becoming famous

Just for the

Memory of love

Her hair tied in a ponytail

Pink fluffy sugar

Around her mouth

Yet nobody bothers

Nobody cares

The feeling of peace lingers in the air

Watch the three hands

Free as can be


A piece of me still back at home

Where is that home?

My life swings by

Until I am here

No joy

No freedom



Loneliness and fear

I look back in awe

Smiles of crooked teeth

And cotton candy kisses

When a simple breath of air

Was always good enough

Happy days when I could run

Somebody tell me what I’ve become